About me

My name is Rhys Boer, I'm 24 years old and am a programmer from Melbourne, Australia.
Welcome to my site, a place where I will upload some of the many projects I've done over the years and want to sure off on my portfolio. You can find my work under the 'Projects' tab.

I have always had a creative drive in me, always wanting to make cool things. Programming really help satisfy that inner craving. I love researching and finding out how things are done and made. Studying and learning new things is something I love doing, building up the knowledge I can use to create bigger and better projects!

The programming languages I am most comfortable with are; C++, C#, Java and have delved into JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
For most of the games I make I use Unity, So I am quite skilled in it as well as SourceTree as a source control.

My game development projects demo reel, showing off most of the stuff I did in 2019.

The change log is just used to keep track of when my projects were created and uploaded here, to show how I've improved over the years. Use the projects tab to get a nicer list of projects.

Change Log:


[ADDED] ...... My Shaders


[ADDED] ...... 2D Shadow Casting Demo
[ADDED] ...... 2 Million Particles Demo
[ADDED] ...... Voxit Editor
[ADDED] ...... Binate
[ADDED] ...... RCEngine


[ADDED] ...... Quest 4 Pants
[ADDED] ...... Extraterrestrial Transmissions
[ADDED] ...... Blog


[ADDED] ...... Whimsical Wares
[ADDED] ...... Rattos With Hattos
[ADDED] ...... OpenGL Engine
[CREATED] ...... This site.